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Space Meerkat

A Challenge

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60 x 72cm 
Edition of 50 

75 x 90cm : Edition of 50 

Artwork description:

Embark on an Artistic Journey: Pokémon Reimagined by Space Merkat

Step into a world where artistry and imagination converge as we invite you to explore the Pokémon universe through the visionary lens of Space Merkat. A luminary in the realm of conceptual art and animation, Space Merkat's latest collection infuses the cherished world of Pokémon with a cyber-futuristic resonance, offering a compelling fusion of nostalgia and innovation.

These prints transcend the boundaries of traditional art; they serve as portals to fresh adventures, awakening the dormant Trainer within. Prepare to be captivated by the enchantment, embark on a voyage into uncharted territory, and delve into the very essence of the Pokémon universe. With Space Merkat as your guide, this artistic odyssey promises to be unlike any other.

Unearth the magic, chart the unexplored future, and set forth on a Pokémon journey that will forever alter your perception of this beloved universe. Catch them all, not in Poké Balls, but through the captivating artistry of Space Merkat.

Welcome to a new dimension of Pokémon artistry; your adventure begins today!

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    We’re proud to be an Art Money partner.

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