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Stuart McAlpine Miller

Suspicious Mind

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M: Edition of 134
L: Edition of 134

Paper Type Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta 315gsm


"Suspicious Mind" (REMASTERED)

Expanding upon the esteemed High Iconic Savoy Collection, these remastered artworks signify a deliberate evolution. Noteworthy for their larger sizes. This compelling addition introduces a new series, immortalising our timeless characters, echoing the allure of cosmopolitan personalities.

The artwork in question captures the legendary film director and producer, Alfred Hitchcock. Known as 'the master of suspense,' his 60-year career saw him direct 53 feature films, including The 39 Steps, Psycho, and The Birds. Stuart McAlpine Miller has created a piece that captures Hitchcock's complexity and genius, using a combination of abstract elements and typography to convey his artistic vision. The painting features bold, dynamic brushstrokes and a monochromatic colour palette, reflecting the dark and suspenseful themes of Hitchcock's films. The artwork pays tribute to Hitchcock's legacy as a visionary filmmaker who revolutionised the art of cinema and influenced generations of filmmakers.

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