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The work by the graffiti artist Banksy Golf Sale is a screenprint on paper signed in original. It is part of a limited edition of 750 pieces of which only 150 are signed. The work is provided with the Pest Control certificate of authenticity.

Among the artist's well-known subjects, the work is inspired by the infamous photograph of the Chinese demonstrator in Tiananmen Square in Beijing. In the original, the student faced alone the advance of four army tanks of the Chinese government. Banksy, artist among the most sought-after in the street art scene, transforms this icon of political struggle into a sharp and ironic satire: the man holds a sign with "golf sale" written on it and an arrow pointing to the right, as if to underline the futility of violence and war.

Golf Sale measures 49.2 x 34.5 cm and has the number of the edition and the artist's signature at the bottom. The work is dated 2003.

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