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Björn Persson: Illuminating the Soul of Wildlife Through Black and White Photography

Björn Persson: Illuminating the Soul of Wildlife Through Black and White Photography

Björn Persson: Illuminating the Soul of Wildlife

Björn Persson, the internationally acclaimed artist from Stockholm, is a wildlife photographer whose passion extends beyond traditional documentation. His artistry lies in capturing the true essence of wild animals as sentient beings with distinct personalities and needs. Through evocative and cinematic images, Persson's artwork aims to convey the incredible beauty of nature while inspiring social commitment to conservation. 

Artistic Process

Approaching his artistic process with profound passion, Björn Persson utilises photography to reveal the souls of animals. Through his black-and-white wildlife photography and artistic post-production techniques, he creates inspiring artwork that emotionally engages viewers. His goal is to inspire individuals to appreciate and protect the wonders of the natural world through his wildlife photography. In his latest book, Beauty Will Save the World, Persson continues his trilogy, highlighting humanity's profound connection to nature and the importance of preserving it.

Conservation and Charity Initiatives

Smart Savannahs: Technological Innovation for Wildlife Conservation 

As chairman of Smart Savannahs, an international organisation dedicated to wildlife conservation, Persson leads efforts to combat the pressing issue of poaching and trafficking of wild animals in Kenya. Through cutting-edge technology and community engagement, Smart Savannahs develops innovative solutions for wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. By leveraging digital assistance for rangers and intelligent sensor networks, they ensure comprehensive monitoring and security of wildlife across vast areas. This inspiring initiative combines technology and conservation to protect the precious wildlife that inhabits our planet.

Bjorn Persson & David Attenborough at the launch of 'The Real Owners of the Planet'

Here Forever Foundation: Inspiring Conservation through Art and Action:

The Here Forever Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the conservation efforts of Africa's prehistoric and magnificent animals. Recognizing human’s short presence on Earth and the responsibility to respectfully coexist with these fellow beings, our philosophy emphasizes the importance of positive messaging and visual language to inspire action and restore hope. Through beautiful imagery and messages, we aim to reconnect people with the wonders of the natural world and ignite a passion for protecting our environment and wildlife. In addition to inspiration, we conduct impactful campaigns to raise awareness and engage individuals, while also providing financial support to local organizations with a proven track record in effective wildlife conservation. 

Bjorn Persson's New Collection

Introducing Björn Persson's captivating new collection, featuring exceptional prints of Never Alone, Natural Power, Simba, and Follow The Sun. With unparalleled artistry and a profound connection to wildlife, Persson illuminates the majestic beauty and inherent power of these creatures. Each piece invites you to embark on a visual journey that celebrates the resilience and grace of nature, leaving you inspired and in awe. Experience the extraordinary through Persson's lens as he captures the essence of wildlife, creating timeless artworks that resonate with both art enthusiasts and conservation advocates.

    Follow The Sun (2017)- Masai Mara, Kenya 

Follow The Sun by Bjorn Persson is a captivating black and white artwork that portrays the timeless beauty and grace of a herd of elephants as they traverse the vast expanse of the Masai Mara in Kenya. This stunning photograph not only captures the physical presence of the elephants but also showcases their remarkable behavior. Walking in a line, following the matriarch, the elephants demonstrate their inherent knowledge and collective wisdom. The artwork beautifully depicts the bond between generations, with baby elephants holding onto their mother's tail with their trunks, a safety practice to protect them and ensure they stay on course. Persson's artistry not only transports viewers to the mesmerizing landscapes of the Masai Mara but also evokes a deep appreciation for the intricate social dynamics and protective instincts of these magnificent creatures. Follow The Sun invites us to reflect on the interconnectedness of wildlife and our responsibility to preserve their natural habitats."

Never Alone (2021) - Masai Mara, Kenya

Never Alone by Bjorn Persson is a captivating artwork depicting the profound connection between two majestic giraffes. With a symmetrical composition, the artwork emphasizes their unity while celebrating their individuality. Persson's keen eye captures the unique patterns on each giraffe's coat, highlighting the fact that no two giraffes have the same markings, much like human fingerprints. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Savannah landscape, the artwork serves as a poignant reminder of the fragile state of wildlife and the urgency of conservation efforts. Through his art, Persson inspires viewers to connect with nature, recognize their responsibility to protect it, and appreciate the beauty of these remarkable creatures.

Natural Power (2021)- Amboseli, Kenya

Natural Power by Bjorn Persson is a captivating black and white artwork that portrays the raw strength and innate power of a rhinoceros. The photograph focuses on the rhino, showcasing its robust physique and distinctive features.

The artist offers a glimpse into the rhino's world, encouraging viewers to contemplate its significance and the challenges it faces in a rapidly changing environment. The artwork serves as a reminder of the urgent need for conservation efforts to protect these magnificent creatures from the threat of poaching and habitat loss.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that the Southern White Rhino population in Kenya has shown promising growth, with a remarkable 65% increase between January 2017 and July 2021. This encouraging statistic reflects the positive impact of conservation initiatives and highlights the importance of ongoing efforts to safeguard these endangered species.

Through his art, Persson aims to raise awareness and inspire viewers to recognize the intrinsic value of all wildlife species. Natural Power is a testament to the artist's deep respect and admiration for nature and his commitment to capturing the essence of these incredible creatures, instilling in viewers a sense of awe and a desire to protect and preserve our planet's biodiversity.

Simba (2021)- Savuti, Botswana

Simba by Bjorn Persson is a captivating black and white artwork that captures the regal and majestic presence of a male lion. The lion's powerful gaze is directed towards the viewer, drawing us into his world and commanding our attention. The composition of the artwork emphasizes the lion's magnificence and authority.  In addition to its aesthetic appeal, Simba also reflects the intricate social structure of a lion pride. Lionesses are the primary hunters, providing sustenance for the pride, while dominant males are responsible for protecting the pride's territory and ensuring its safety. This idea is reflected in the image, the lion stands strong, he is intimidating, and vigilant.

Bjorn Persson's Simba showcases his skill in capturing the essence of wildlife and revealing their inherent wisdom and majesty. Through this artwork, he invites us to appreciate the awe-inspiring presence of the male lion, reminding us of the importance of protecting these magnificent creatures and their habitats. 

You Too Can Appreciate the Stunning Savannah

In conclusion, Björn Persson's artwork transcends traditional wildlife photography, offering a profound glimpse into the soul of wildlife. His captivating images evoke emotions, inspire awe, and ignite a sense of responsibility towards conservation. With his latest collection featuring Never Alone, Natural Power, Simba, and Follow The Sun, Persson invites us to embark on a visual journey that celebrates the resilience and grace of nature. Each artwork captures the essence of these magnificent creatures, showcasing their beauty, power, and interconnectedness. By investing in Björn Persson's artwork, not only will you acquire stunning pieces for your collection, but you will also contribute to the preservation of our planet's precious wildlife. Let his art be a constant reminder of the importance of protecting and cherishing the wonders of our natural world.


An Exhibition of Bjorn Persson's Black & White Wildlife Photography